LSC Travel Program - Virtual Training

LSC Travel Program
Virtual Training

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the LSC Travel Program has implemented Virtual Training for all its U8 – U19 teams.

  • All teams are given activities and drills they can use throughout this time of isolation.  This can be found in TeamSnap.
    • If using a phone/iPad, tap “More” in the bottom-right corner.  Then “Files”.
    • If using a computer, click “Media” near the top.
  • The LSC Travel Program has partnered with Techne Futbol to provide a great resource for individual soccer skills for your child.
    • You should have received an invitation to join Techne Futbol.  If you have not already done so, accept the invitation so you can start your training.
    • Each Sunday evening, a new set of skills is published between juggling, dribbling, and wall work.
    • You have access to practice these skills at any time of any day of the week.
    • We encourage players to use this App as much as possible.
    • Players can compete against other players on their team, in the club, and around the world.  They track their time, enter their results, and extend their streaks.
  • During your regularly scheduled practice (as per TeamSnap), your trainer will be available to communicate with you via the TeamSnap chat or Zoom.

We encourage all players to follow our Instagram page (@LSC_Travel) to follow the leaderboards and participate in regular contests.