Please, meet our Coaches of the year:   Evan Burns and Scott Culver

Evan Burns:

I love volunteering because it allows me to share my love of sports, in this case soccer, with my son and many of the other kids. Coaching gives me another opportunity to spend time and bond with my son. I understand that not all kids share the same love of soccer, but I like to see them feel good about competing and hopefully winning. There is nothing better to me than seeing the smile the kids have after a goal, a win or a big save or play. I like to instill in the kids who I coach that winning is very important, but giving their all is most important. If they are going to be there, they have a responsibility to try their best for their teammates, their parents and their coaches. Soccer played a huge role in my childhood, and coaching allows me to continue to be involved in a sport that I love. 


Scott Culver:

I first volunteered to coach after watching my oldest daughter sleepwalk through first-grade soccer, and wondered if I could better motivate her by being involved in the practices and the team’s sideline during games. While that did work, the experience turned out to be much more rewarding than I expected.

While there’s an organizational head-ache to all the practice scheduling, making sure families know where games are, and getting them to show up a little early, the on-field time at practices and games is the highlight of the fall for me.

I was not a youth soccer player for long, so skills and knowledge of playing the game is something I’ve relearned for coaching. I focus a lot on helping kids improve their understanding of the game, and their personal soccer skills. But youth soccer is about much more than that. Teaching that you can be goofy, while still respecting the game. Seeing how your kids interact with their friends in a competitive environment. Showing them a positive role model in my interactions with other coaches, referees and parents.  Instilling the notion that you either win or lose as a team, with every member given a chance to play and contribute, and that the win (or loss) is not the contribution or fault of just one or two players. Helping celebrate their victories, but also lifting them up and offering encouragement on their effort or skill when they lose.

I enjoy the lasting relationships I’ve built with the kids and their parents. When a player from years ago sees me and asks, “Do you remember me?” and we can remember fun times on the field, it lifts my heart. Very few players will be super stars, some discover they don’t have the athleticism or inclination to continue, and knowing that I can have a positive impact on all kids, and that they enjoyed our team soccer experience to remember it years later - that’s why I keep volunteering.

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