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Volunteers and Trainers - Background Checks

We need ALL volunteers (board members, coaches, assistant coaches, travel managers, travel trainers) to do background checks, concussion training (online) and safesport training (online) in order for us to get insurance coverage.

The process is different this year - basically you do the training and upload the information yourself and we only see that it has been completed. We don't see any of the confidential information like driver's license or social security number that is required for the background check.

Go to

click on Registration

click on Register players/coaches

scroll down to item 5 and proceed

Make sure that you indicate Livingston Soccer Club, as well as whether this is for intown or travel (if you are involved in both, then just click on travel). as well as 2021-2022 season

After you have done the training, you need to save/upload the completion certificates.

if you have previously done the training and it hasn't expired yet, then you can just upload the certificates.

I apologize in advance, but i will send out a number of reminders if you haven't completed it.

I did this myself already, so if you can't figure out the directions, i can try and help.

Thanks in advance.

Livingston Soccer Club

Andy Feigenberg

Past President

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