Attention all Geezers,

We will run a special Livingston Soccer Club Geezers Summer tune-up.

Each team will play one game a week on Tuesday nights, at either 9 - 10pm or 10 - 11pm, starting on June 14th and ending on August 9th (excluding Tuesday, July 5th). 

- Games will be indoors at the Florham Park Sports Dome (76 Passaic Avenue)

- Registration fee is $133.00 per person

- Each team will play 8 games 

- Games will be 9v9 and include referee

- Games will run 55:00 straight through, (no halves or quarters)

- Jerseys will be provided 

- 60 person sign-up limit...first come, first served




Geezer rules apply....Livingston residents only and must be over 30 years old to play.

Note that there will still be a Geezers fall league starting in September as usual.

Questions can be emailed to



Geezers 2022

Welcome to Geezers!  You must be at least 30 years old and a resident of Livingston to participate.  This is a Co-Ed league - we encourage more women to join!

Please note you may be asked to provide proof of residency in Livingston if we cannot verify on our own.  Those who register and are found not to live in Livingston WILL NOT receive a refund.
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